February 2017 Blog Posts (4)

Target Leaked A Sequel To Shadows Of Mordor

No official announcement from Warner Brothers yet but the Target Department Store leaked a picture on their online store....whoops! So here's the deal, allegedly, the sequel to Shadows of Mordor will be called Shadows of War. YESSSSSSS!!!!!

Oh, and here is the leaked pic...…


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New Overwatch Blog May Confirm Athena As Next Hero

A new blog was posted on playoverwatch.com which everyone is taking as a hint to the next hero to be added to the roster. It's in the form of an interview with fictional character Efi Oladele. Efi is an eleven year old girl from Numbani who is some sort of genius in robotics and artificial intelligence. 

Of course, SHE isn't the hero. I doubt very much that Blizzard would…


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Top Characters We Want To See In The New Injustice 2

These are our top 3 characters we would like to see make an appearance in Injustice 2. Plus we give you our pick for what Mortal Kombat character makes an appearance. What is your top 3? Check back every time they make an addition to Injustice 2, for every right answer it equals 1 point. Yep, we didn't really think this through, but we like it. :)



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Terry Crews Really Wants To Voice Doomfist

Yes! Terry Crews needs to voice for Doomfist, that is of course if Blizzard make's Doomfist a playable character on Overwatch (Let's hope). To give you a little idea of what that might sound like, watch the video brought to you by Yahoo! Esports...

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