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Rockstar Has A New Game Launcher, Comes With Free Grand Theft Auto Game

Anyone in the market to add another game launcher to their PC desktop? Well, fret no longer, because Rockstar has arrived with their own application service to grant you easy access to your digital and disc-based library. And for a limited time, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas will come FREE, so there's an extra perk. You also get cloud…


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RETRO REBOOT!! Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Fighting Edition (SNES)

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers brought in a truckload of video games in the 16 bit days. I thought the first one for the SNES was a decent action platformer with amazing music, but it was missing the Green Ranger (how do you do that?). If you wanted your Green Ranger fix, had to pay the Sega Genesis version, and boy, did you really bite that bullet. The…


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IT HAS BEGUN! New Mortal Kombat Movie Beginning Production

After many teases, misfires, rumors, hints, and nearly two decades of development hell, Mortal Kombat is finally officially on its was to return to the big screen since its last theatrical release Mortal Kombat Annihilation in 1997. Screenwriter Greg Russo confirmed the filming via a tweet to initiate production.…


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KFC Gives You a Shot At Dating Colonel Sanders

Yes, that's not a typo. KFC, in collaboration with developer Psyop, has produced a dating sim game in which you can date the Colonel or one of several viable options. The full title "I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin' Good Dating Simulator", places the player in the role of a culinary student who is training with a young and dashing Colonel…


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SNK Reveals The Arcade Stick Pro That Comes With Pre-Installed Fighting Games

SNK loves their plug-n-play consoles to the point that if feels like they produce them out of reflex. So in case you need your fix for another piece of licensed hardware ,SNK has announced their latest contraption, the Arcade Stick Pro! Unlike the Neo Geo Mini, which was dropped last July, this one is pretty interesting, but an odd choice.…


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RETRO REBOOT!! Sonic Adventure (Sega Dreamcast)

The battle between gaming’s two biggest icons was at its zenith near the end of the 16 bit era, and with new consoles on the horizon, I was looking forward to see how the Sega Saturn would put together a worthy adversary to opposite the wildly successful Super Mario 64. Time passed…and passed…and passed. The Sega Saturn died without a true Sonic…


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Nintendo Introduces...This Workout Thing??

Alright, it's time to get in shape with the Nintendo Switch...I think. In a video titled "First Look At A New Experience For The Nintendo Switch", a contraption designed to focus on crossfit yoga training looks to be making its way to the console. For the sake of analysis, let's call it a device, appears to be a vulcanized rubber ring that is capable…


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SNK Mascot and Fatal Fury Hero Terry Bogard Joins Smash Bros Ultimate

During September 4th's Nintendo Direct, it had been revealed that fighting game icon Terry Bogard will join the Smash Bros Ultimate roster sometime in November. Terry Bogard is the protagonist of the fighting game series Fatal Fury, which butted heads with Capcom's Street Fighter II in the early 90's. Terry joins Persona 5's Joker and Dragon Quest…


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RUMOR: PlayStation All-Stars Battle 2 To Be In Development Lead By Capcom?

Word around the rumor mill is that a PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale 2 has been allegedly in development with the eye of making a casual friendly arena brawler wit the goal of being an Esports viable game, seeking assistance with Capcom's Division 2 staff, team behind Street Fighter. The source was speculated by Dexerto France that the project is…


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RETRO REBOOT VS!! Disney's Aladdin Sega Genesis vs Super Nintendo

It's time to take another look at where I think the meat and potatoes of the 16-bit console wars truly lie, and that's two completely different ports of Aladdin. The Sega Genesis version, developed by Virgin Games, is widely regarded as the superior version, and arguably one of the best video games on the console, with little mention of the merits of…


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Yakuza 7 Shifts The Series Into A Turn-Based RPG

Yes, that's read correctly. The seventh entry in Ryu Ga Gotoku Studios and Sega's critically acclaimed open world beat'em up action game, titled Whereabouts of Light & Darkness, will center its combat around turn-based mechanics. This was certainly seen as very unexpected, to say the least.

The main protagonist will also be…


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Daemon X Machina's On And Off Battle Game Flow

A new trailer put out by Marvelous First Studio sheds some light on how its upcoming mecha-based action game Daemon X Machina will carry out standard gameplay protocol. The development team has put a lot of consideration into addressing many of the concerns regarding the beta's flaws and fleshing out many mechanics and interactions to provide a varied…


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RETRO REBOOT!! Primal Rage (Sega Saturn)

Because I grew up loving Kaiju like Godzilla, I always wanted a 16 bit tournament fighter featuring the larger than life creatures that I could control at my whim. Well, we never got that here in the United States. Godzilla Kaijuu Daikessen was released for the Super Famicom, but never saw an international release. The closest I had at the time was…


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Cyberpunk 2077 Live Stream to Feature 15 Minutes of Gameplay

Originally announced to be aired at PAX West, plans changed to showcase gameplay of the much anticipated Cyberpunk 2077 will instead have a 15 minute live broadcast of its gameplay next week at Warsaw.

"There are many logistical (and some creative) reasons behind this decision, but the most important thing we want to say is that we’re sorry…


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BREAKING NEWS: Sony Takes Spider-Man Back

In a stunning revelation, news has recently broke that Sony has backed out of a deal that would continue to balance the relationship between Sony's rights to Spider-Man and Disney/Marvel. According to Deadline, Disney has asked for a 50/50 co-financing agreement on future Spider-Man films. Sony had proposed to keep the arrangement at a 5% range of…


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RETRO REBOOT!! Sonic The Hedgehog Spinball (Sega Genesis)

Platform stars do so much traveling and jumping around, every now and then you gotta stop and take a break from the norm and just enjoy a leisurely activity once in a while. Mario and crew will drive go carts on occasion and partake in some board games. Kirby's Dream Course sees the adorable hero indulge in golf. Sonic the Hedgehog gets in on this…


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Persona 5 Royal Has Western Release Date

Persona 5 Royal now has a street date for its release in this hemisphere. The widely successful and critically acclaimed role-playing game of 2016 received an updated version that includes new enhancements and features. This isn't the first venture into definitive releases of Persona games, both Persona 3 and Persona 4 saw enhanced re-releases of…


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RETRO REBOOT!! Super Mario World

Super Mario Bros. 3 was one of the earliest video games I can remember that achieved a high degree of mainstream hype prior to its release and lived up to it afterwards, leaving its stamp on video game history. It even had a movie, The Wizard, to act as a glorified commercial for it, starring Fred Savage, Christian Slater, and dad-in-early-90s-movies…


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Nintendo Will Fix Joycon Drift Problems Free of Charge

It only took two years after the console's release, Nintendo will finally address the "Joycon drift" issue that has affected a large number of Nintendo Switch users. Drift is the general term for when a character in a game will continue to move in a direction even if the user isn't inputting the action on the analog stick. I remember this being an…


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RETRO REBOOT!! Circus Caper (NES)

Some games, man, some games. Circus Caper ranks as one of those NES titles I'd sum up as obnoxious. This wound up being a rental for us that later became a purchase, almost because my brother had the game almost beaten. The mentality being from a parent's perspective, "they're playing it a lot, so clearly that means they like it." There's very little…


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