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Sonic Racing Teased

You read right, looks like we are getting another Sonic Racing game. Here is the tease video just released.

No word on the actual release date or what console you'll be able to play it on. My guess is it will be on every console. 

Quick question, is Sonic faster with or without his race car? I'm going with without it.

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Avengers: Infinity Wars Trailer

In case you missed it, here is the new Avengers: Infinity Wars trailer...

April 27th is soooo close, this is going to be epic!

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Monster Hunter:World Crossing Over With Other Capcom Title

You read that right, but what character?! JACKPOT! Dante from Devil May Cry looking to rear its head in Monster Hunter: World. I have to be honest, I've had literally zero interest in Monster Hunter since it's release...until NOW! I am a huge Devil May Cry fan, and with this news makes me very interested.

This is an event that will be added to Monster Hunter later this year. The Charge Blade as well as Ebony & Ivory will be available. From what I got out of it is that it will be a…


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Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 Is A Go

A lot of rumors up until this point but it's finally official that Activision along with the developer Treyarch have in fact made Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4! Seriously, we all kind of knew this was coming especially from "The Beard" James Harden sporting this…


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