3 Things You Need To See From PAX West 2018

First off it's the largely talked about Anthem from Bioware. Take a look at the trailer, with game play for Anthem at PAX West 2018.

I'm still pretty skeptical about Anthem since it looks like a Destiny clone, but as I've said in the past "I guess we will just have to see".

For those fans of the Telltale game The Walking Dead here is the new video for The Walking Dead - The Final Season Episode 2 called "You're Still Late".

I am not the biggest fan of Telltale games but I am also aware of how many people who are fans of this series. The new installment to The Walking Dead series is released on September 25, 2018 and it is called "Suffer the Children".

Next thing that you need to see is the 9 minutes of game play of Just Cause 4 that you need to see. And yes, Rico Rodriguez is back!

Just Cause is getting really kinda wacky. I'd say yes, even more wacky than in the past. It's really becoming the new Saints Row and that is a really good thing if you ask me. Just Cause 4 will be available December 4, 2018 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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