A Look At The New The Last Of Us II Trailer

The Last of Us II is a little more than a month away from its new released date, a fresh trailer was dropped, promoting the story of the narrative-driven sequel to the 2013 hit survival horror game. This seems to be an effort to curtail the effects of the bombshell spoilers that occurred last week and place focus back on retaining any mysticism left. On PlayStation's official YouTube channel, likes, dislikes, and commenting have been disabled in wake of the backlash.

The anticipated release for Sony, which had seen delays has recently been swept in a string of controversy when vital portions of the plot were leaked across the internet, leaving portions of the fans very unhappy. This follows quite a controversial string of events, including 12 hour crunch periods for staffers and programmers for development of TLOU2 to complete the game, as was reported by former Kotaku writer Jason Schreier in March. This massive leak has prompted Sony to file a patent for "spoiler-blocking" technology to circumvent instances like this for the upcoming PlayStation 5. The innovative tech may prevent users from being exposed to elements of a story a player may not have been exposed to yet while still leaving portions free for you to browse. How this will be implemented remains to be seen.

The Last of Us II will be released June 19th 2020 exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

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