A Years Worth Of Fighting, Comes Down To One Weekend

I am a huge competitive esports fan. From MOBA's, to FPS games, to even card games. I try to watch everything I can.

My real love is fighting games. Street Fighter, Marvel vs Capcom, Tekken, and everything in between. In my teenage years, I used to attend weeklies at my local arcade. We're talking 90's here, when the arcade scene in the US was really good.

When Street Fighter 4 came out, I went back to those years and attended tournaments for that game. I was never a huge pro or even won a lot of them. I just liked going, supporting the scene, and meeting people. When Marvel VS Capcom 3 came out, I was at a convention in RI. Rhode Island Comic Con. The day I was there, they were having a Marvel VS Capcom 3 tournament. After playing some casuals with some people there, I decided to enter the tournament. I didn't win, but I did meet a lot of people who I ended up becoming friends with, and still consider friends to this day (shout outs to Chris and Devin). This is why I love this scene as much as I do and despite the fact that I don't keep up with it. This community is still my first love. 

With that said.

Friday is the start of one of the biggest events in the world for the fighting game esport scene, and one I look forward too every single year.


The Evo Championship Series starts this Friday and lasts until Sunday. You're going to be seeing the best players from over a dozen different countries competing for cash prizes in fighting games ranging from Tekken 7, to Injustice 2, to Smash Bros, to Street Fighter 5. This is the tournament to watch if you don't normally watch competitive fighting games. You're going to see blood, sweat, and tears. There is going to be upsets and heartaches. And the hype is going to most definitely be real.

Sadly, this is going to be the last year for Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 as Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite comes out this year. As a fan, I hope it goes out with a bang.

Below is a schedule of all the main games, what channel, and the time they start.

There are other streams going on for other fighting games. There are roughly 20 different fighting games going on at Evo this year. If its a fighting game, and its popular, there is a really good chance it's at Evo. 

This is also a sponsored tournament, so expect some cool announcements to take place also. Rumor has it that Capcom is going to announce the next Street Fighter 5 character.

This is James with Game Fix. Before I go, I'm going to leave you with this little short video that took place at Evo in 2004. This is known as Evo Moment Number 37. Enjoy, and remember. Game on everybody!

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