Earlier today Respawn Entertainment, creators of TitanFall, had a live stream where they were going to announce their newest game. 

What might it be you ask? Well, it wasn't TitanFall 3, it was actually confirmed that they aren't working on TitanFall 3 at all. However, they have been working on a new IP called "Apex Legends" - which is set in the TitanFall universe, but don't expect mechs and wall running here. 

What is Apex Legends? Simple, its a fast paced hero shooter\Battle Royal game. I can feel your eyes rolling. Just wait a second before you judge. 

As is the case with many Battle Royal games, its you vs 100 other people. But, in Apex Legends, its your squad of 3 vs other squads of 3. Think of like Rainbow 6 or Ghost Recon. Unlike other Battle Royal games, there is also a class system. You can choose between 8 characters, known in this game as "legends", who all have their own unique abilities. It pushes you to have a good squad for maximum success. 

There is Bloodhound, who, much as his name implies, can point out enemies on the field, even when they are behind cover, and can even mark them for his squad to kill. 

Then there is Lifeline, who is the healer of the group. She can lay down a healing drone and even has a way to restock her squad using her ultimate ability.

As for tanks, we have Gibraltar. He comes equiped with a Dome of Protection that can shield your squad from incoming fire and even has a bombardment ultimate for zoning out enemy squads.  

This game is kind of taking the MOBA approach to the way it handles things. Along with the character abilities, there is also loot galore. There are various different weapons and armor, that all have their rarities to them. You can even mod your guns and pick up items that reduce your cool downs.  

In a genre that is over saturated with games. This is a rather interesting approach to things. It has the makings of going far, since its done by a studio who understands FPS games and has the backing of a Triple A company behind it (EA). There are loot boxes, but other than that the game is entirely free to play and the items in the loot boxes are just cosmetic stuff. So no pay to win here folks!  

The game itself is rather quirky, with a Boarderlands kind of feel to it. It plays relatively quick, and it just feels really polished for a free to play game. 

You can download it right now on X1, PS4, or PC (Origins). I've been playing for around 5 hours now, and while I completely suck at it, I'm having a blast playing around with the different characters and guns. So grab a squad of 3, pick your characters, and be the legend!


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