Too keep up with the rest of the players in the field, Apple announced it's own subscription based gaming service called "Apple Arcade". 

At a special event on September 10th, Apple revealed the full details on this service. Starting on September 19th you can download the Apple Arcade app onto your iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, or your Mac. It will come with a 30 day trail period, after that it's going to cost you just $4.99 a month for a family subscription. Note that you do not need multiple subscriptions for all of your devices. Just one sub will cover everything. It is not a streaming service, all games will be downloaded, which means you can even play them while offline. 

It's going to launch with 100 titles, here is a small list of games that have already been announced so far. I assume we will be getting more as time passes.  

  • Beyond A Steel Sky
  • Where Cards Fall
  • Fantasian
  • Lifelike
  • Overland
  • Hot Lava
  • Untitled Sonic the Hedgehog game

Apple is promoting diversity with their line up of titles. Their opening titles are "games that redefine games"... whatever that means. 

Apple released a little promotional video talking about the service and showcase some of its games. 

With 900 million iPhone owners around the world, this could be a mega hit for Apple. However, they said it's going to launch with 100 titles and have only talked about 7 of those titles. 

While I don't think this is going to "change the game any", I do think it's going to be interesting, especially for people who don't own a console or any other gaming device. With a price tag of $4.99 a month, it's good to at least take a look at and play around with. 

Apple Arcade launches September 19th on all major iOS devices. 

This has been James with Game Fix. Game on everybody!  


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