Battlefield V Revealed. And Yes, It's WWII.

As expected, today was the day that EA revealed the new game in the Battlefield series. And boy was I wrong:

It's not Bad Company, it's not Hardline, it's Battlefield. And so close to the release of Battlefield 1, too. Well, the game looks beautiful and the action looks true to life. 

I'm not as thrilled as most Battlefield fans might be. For once, I'm actually leaning toward the new Black Ops as opposed to my franchise of choice. 

I feel that Vietnam, or even the Gulf War, would've been a nicer change of pace but I'll still try it out as part of the EA Access early demo. I may love it. 

What do you think? Tired of World War scenarios? Tired of Battlefield in general? Let us know. 

Or don't. 

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