On March of 2007, Frederator Studios bought the rights to produce a Castlevania animated flim. They wanted to adapt Castlevania 3: Dracula's Curse into a direct to video movie. They went on to hire the great Warren Ellis as a screen writer. As noted, Federator's Kevin Kolde said that "he did not want the show to be aimed at children" which allowed Ellis to make it as bloody and graphic as he wanted it to be. But after several rewrites production stalled around 2008.

It has entered "developmental hell".

In June 2008, Ellis finished his script. The shows production blog noted in August of 2008 that they were going to begin shopping the script around as a theatrical release. No further updates were to follow and the blog was quietly deleted shortly after. 

Around 2012 Adi Shankar was questioned about doing a live action adaption but turned it down. He believed that a live action adaption wouldn't do the game justice. He said "the major studios were blatantly disrespecting fandom". 

Powerhouse Animation Studio Sam Deats revitalized the project after negotiating a deal with Netflix using the same script that Ellis wrote nearly a decade prior. Powerhouse then reached out to Frederator to help with the shows production. Ellis said that Netflix were "very positive about the project and were happy with his original scripts", having to only make a few changes to fit the format. They took Ellis' original 90 minute script and broke it down to four 22 minute episodes.

The show premiered, finally, on July 7, 2017 over 10 years after the original idea was made. It went on to become a huge success. From the art style, to the sense of humor, to the gore. People loved this show, and wanted more.

It has been a year since season 1 was released with no word on a season 2. We just knew that it was in production.  

Well my friends, the wait is over. Today Netflix uploaded the official season 2 trailer. 

October 26th of this year. I am very hyped. 

This has been James with Game Fix. Game on everybody! 

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