We could be getting a disc-less Xbox 1 S console in the not so distant future. 

First detailed by Brad Sams. The new console is code named "Xbox Maverick" and is supposed to launch some time in Q1 of 2019. According to sources speaking with Windows Central, this new console is going to release in May 2019, with pre-orders going live sometime in April of 2019.

This isn't the first time Microsoft was toying with the idea of releasing an all digital console. When the Xbox 1 was first announced, it was supposed to be an all digital platform. But due to backlash, and a healthy campaign by Gamestop, Microsoft reversed their decision on this. 

With no disc drive, this could be the cheapest alternative in the current generation of consoles and with Microsoft shifting focus to "Xbox Game Pass" and their upcoming streaming service "Project xCloud" this could be a great console for people who originally skipped the Xbox 1 and with digital becoming more and more of a reality to console players. I think this is a great idea for Microsoft to test the waters. Especially with the rumor of Microsoft's next gen console, code named "Lockhart", supposedly being an all digital console. This release could gauge whether or not people are looking for an all digital platform, instead of the more traditional console.   

There is zero word on pricing of the new rumored console and zero info on specs or HDD capacity. I would imagine the HDD is going to be big to accommodate games and updates. 

The all digital future is upon us.  

As always, this has been James with Game Fix. Game on everybody! 

Source: widowscentral

Source: Brad Sams

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