I have been playing The Division 2 Private Beta. So far, I am really enjoying it, but then again I also liked the first game. I like these shooter\looter games and between this one and Anthem. I ended up going with Division 2. 

The Division's first year was marked with issues and complaints. Most of which were fixed in the 1.8 update. Division 2 builds upon this even further, but doesn't really change the formula at all. There is no real big significant changes here. This is very much the Division game you have played before, with slight improvements. 

I am going to highlight some of these changes below. 


Loot is actually different in this game. First off, there are no more attachments to loot. Attachments are only acquired by crafting now. Which is great, because it frees up inventory space, but bad because now you won't be able to find a super rare scope or magazine.

Attachments them self have also changed. Now they offer a positive effect and a negative effect. You could find a scope that increases headshot damage, but will also decrease stability. You could find a magazine that increases the rate of fire while also decreasing the range. 

It may add a lot to build diversity, but right now we don't understand just how people are going to utilize this. 

Armor is also different. Now armor has perks to them, which is what you can base your builds off of. There is also "set perks", like in Diablo style looter games. Called "brands" in Division 2. Having one brand equipped could increase damage with assault rifles while having 2 equipped could increase your skills damage. 

This is going to really diversify gear and make people think about what they want equipped. Say you have a brand equipped, and a blue piece of gear drops. Now you have to choose between equipping the blue gear, which would increase your armor and nothing else, or keeping the brand gear equipped which completes your set and gives you more bonuses.  

Bullet sponge enemies. 

This was a major complaint in the first game. Enemies just took forever to kill, and if they have armor, then forget it. You're going to be shooting them for awhile. 

In Division 2 however, weaker enemies go down really quick. Bigger bosses, while still taking a little more hits, will have their armor represented on their bodies. When a piece of that armor breaks off, they will react to it. Shooting these exposed areas will deal more damage than just shooting armored pieces making the time to kill a lot better. 

The World itself

With the new setting, Washington D.C, comes a lot of changes. Namely, there is just more to do here. The world actually feels alive. It makes for a new dynamic. While exploring you can find settlements that will have quests for you to do in the world. You can even help them build up their settlement by donating crafting material and gear to them. By completing projects for these settlements, you are making them stronger also. Projects are basically a list of objectives in the world, like collect 25 steel or stop a public execution. 

On top of that, you also have control points. They are basically gang strong holds that you take over and will repopulate with "good guys" Taking over strong holds also reduces the amount of gang activity in the area since the gangs influence has been reduced. Be warned though, these places can be attacked and retaken by the enemies in the area. I don't really know how much baby sitting you're gonna have to do these areas as of the time of this writing. But I did manage to take one over, only for it to be immediately under fire again. 

There are also events literally around the world. Stuff like public executions and hostage rescues. I even busted a gang trying to rob a store of its materials. 

You will also come across patrols being ambushed and attacked. You can either choose to help out, or just walk away completely. I don't know if there is any down side to walking away from these.      

Personally, I'm enjoying The Division 2 Private beta. I was looking forward to this game when it was announced at E3 last year. I am enjoying the changes that they made and you can really tell that enemies are different, less bullet spongy than the previous game. The loot system is also really good. I am finding armor and set pieces constantly. 

What do you guys think? Are you playing the Private beta? What are you thoughts on the changes? Let us know down below. 

And as always, this is James with Game Fix. Game on everybody!  

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