Sony reported today that they will be skipping 2019's E3. That's right, the traditional E3 presentation could be a thing of the past, or could it? I ask that rhetorical question because it's pretty much the best evidence that a new console(PS5?) is on it's way. Either way PlayStation Direct has a good ring to it, but I think that's already a Nintendo thing(obviously), I digress. Keep in mind, Sony will NOT be present at the E3 convention itself. That doesn't mean we won't see anything new around E3 week, it just means not at 2019 E3. This is huge, and lets be honest E3 has been a sinking ship for awhile and this doesn't help it. 

Now as far as the rumors...Rumors are currently going around saying that Sony's next console will be the "most powerful console ever built". To be honest if they didn't say that I would be worried. Think about it, if they said this next console will be the 3rd or 2nd powerful console ever created, that would be silly, right?!

Does this actually make you more likely to look up Sony news or are you going to miss them at E3?

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