Turns out Nintendo is hiring reverse engineers to fix the giant gaping hole in the Nintendo Switch's network. Finally. The title of the position will is Senior Security Software Engineer. These are the duties of the job.

  • Conducting security reviews of existing software components and subsystems
  • Analyzing past security breaches to understand vulnerabilities
  • Using tools such as IDA Pro or a disassembler to reverse engineer malicious binary images
  • Hacking and also implementing formal penetration tests
  • Research, design and development of security technologies such as secure boot, type-1 hypervisors

This individual will be in charge of analyzing past and future security breaches and reevaluating existing software. They will also ban pirates and hackers outright.

This needed to happen before the Switch was even released in my opinion. But as we all know Nintendo tends to always do things a little different. At least they are finally doing something about it.

If you'd like to apply for this job, do it HERE. We are also hearing that there will be more lower level tier jobs that will be opening in the future as well.

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