Hero 28 Is...A Hamster? ***UPDATE***

So, after all the teases from Blizzard, the Overwatch Twitter finally reveals Hero 28. Here is that Tweet...

No name was given, but we are assuming this is the missing specimen from Horizon Lunar Colony, Hammond. Yep, they have said that Hammond was smaller than Winston, we all assumed it was another gorilla or primate in general. Turns out, Hammond was never that, but it seems he is a Hamster!

Wait...is he a oversized hamster? Does his sphere suit work like D.Va's mech? Does his Ultimate run over enemies? So many questions! I am hoping he is a giant hamster, because that would be a weird character is he's actual size. Also should of assumed they would release Hero 28 on the 28th. Figures.

Either way I am looking forward to the description video of Hero 28. Check back, I will update the video under this article as soon as they release it.


Ok, here is the update I promised...

DO NOT ANGER THE HAMSTER. Whew, we were right! His name is Hammond but he goes by Wrecking Ball. Here is his story...

Blizzard is mad shit crazy! Here is the entire rundown on who Hammond actually is. I gotta say, this is definitely the weirdest release from Blizzard, it's a hamster in a ball, but ok.

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Comment by James Tuttle on June 28, 2018 at 12:59pm

I think Jatpack Cat is completely on the table now. And he will be a direct counter to Hammond the Hamster. 


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