Hero 30 Has Been Unveiled Onto The World

Baptiste, combat medic. A DPS\Healer hybrid. He is similar to Moira, but doesn't require his damage to charge his healing. 

His primary weapon is similar to Soldier 76's, but fires in 3-round bursts. It also comes equipped with a Biotic Launcher. Basically a grenade launcher that shoots out a healing grenade that provides his team with AOE healing. Note, this grenade cannot be used to self heal. 

Ability 1: Regenerative Burst. A burst of healing that will provide a heal over time to all allies in its range, including himself. 

Ability 2: Immortality Field. Toss out a device that creates a field that prevents your team mates from dying. However, the generator can be destroyed. 

Ultimate. Amplification Matrix. Creates a small matrix in front of his allies that amplifies all damage and healing that passing through it. 

Exo Boots. Crouching for a few seconds allows Baptiste to jump higher. Allowing him to get into a higher position.

You can watch me break him down below.


Opinion time. 

I feel he is very fun. I got to play him a few rounds, and he feels really solid, but its rather hard to judge his abilities since its open. So my team had 4 of them, so I can't really gauge his healing. Damage feels great though. Not too strong, but not too weak. You will need to get his recoil down though. From playing him, his effective range is going to be mid. You can control his recoil better from that distance. Basically just stand behind your Reinhardt and unload. 

PC players can mess around with him right now on the PTR. Console players. Sorry guys but you are gonna have to wait has Jeff never specified a time of release. 

You can watch Jeff himself break the character down right here. 

Thats it for now guys and gals. If you have played the newest character in Overwatch please feel free to leave a comment on your thoughts. 

As always, this has been James with Game Fix. Game on everybody! 

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