LEGO And Nintendo Are Building A Future Together

It's MAR10 day, and Nintendo is a company that on way more than an occasion is prone to doing some very strange, unconventional stuff. The recent Ring Fit, which has been discussed here on Game Fix, and Nintendo Labo, the company's venture into STEM games, are prime examples for how outside of the park the gaming giant can be. It's a quirky charm that I like about Nintendo and differentiates themselves from the competition, even if on occasion their actions can be head scratching. With the smashing success of the Nintendo Switch, now in its third year (bypassing lifetime sales of the Xbox One) and the announcement of an upcoming theme park attraction, it's felt like the mid to late 1980's when Nintendo was virtually branding everything from cereal to a feature length movie that was a glorified commercial for Super Mario Bros 3 (The Wizard, which had a young Christian Slater pretending to play Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles).

Big N is at it again here on MAR10 day, with a mildly bizarre tweet teasing a collaboration with LEGO Corporation:

LEGO tweeted out the same message:

I'll be perfectly frank, this is less strange than many things Nintendo has ever done. Perhaps the weirdest matter that crossed my mind about it is it's something that hasn't happened much sooner. LEGO has been around for 87 years and have been one of the most consistently inventive and successful toy lines in history. Nintendo's century-plus tenure of gaming prowess is well documented. LEGO has dabbled in robotics in the past and augmented reality play sets, combine that ingenuity with Nintendo's unconventional sense of experimentation, who knows what these two have in store. Stay tuned, it's probably gonna get strange...

Updated 3/12/2020

Nintendo's Youtube channel dropped a video, and it appears that what they're provided is an interactive augmented reality play set where you defeat enemies, and collect coins.


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