Masahiro Sakurai To Reveal ARMs Character For Super Smash Bros Ultimate...But Who Will It Be?

In an upcoming 35 minute presentation, the awaited reveal of a fighter from ARMs, Nintendo's newest original fighting game, is set to air next week. This will kick off Super Smash Bros Ultimate's season two of character DLC, as it's been reported this lineup of roster additions will be all new to the Smash Bros series. For a roster that exceeds 70+ selectable characters ranging from franchises like Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy VII, the bar to impress and shock will undoubtedly be very high.

It would be safe to assume that the series' marketed protagonists Spring Man and Ribbon Girl would be viable candidates to take up a roster spot, or perhaps one or the other could be an echo fighter. Echo Fighter is a term used to describe a character in the Smash Bros series who is almost a complete clone of another fighter, sharing many variables, attacks, and traits. While the aforementioned two are easy options, characters like Twintelle, Ninjara, and Min Min are also very popular amongst the community. In my personal opinion, I feel that an ARMs character should've been a day one roster inclusion for Smash Bros Ultimate.

ARMs has achieved critical acclaim since its release, receiving praise for its charming characters, unique style of play, and creative implementation of the Joycon's HD rumble motion controls. The game is a welcome innovation to the field of arena-based fighting games.

Released in June of 2017, ARMs (I don't know if many others stylize the name like that, but I've grown accustomed to doing it and it's stuck ever since) was an out of the gate success for the Nintendo Switch, selling 1,18 million units in its first weeks and hitting sales numbers of over 2 million as of 2018.

The Smash Bros Ultimate Nintendo Direct will be June 22nd 2020, at 7am Pacific Time, 10am Eastern.

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