This is deeply saddening news. 

Nintendo has just announced via their Youtube page, that all development on Metroid Prime 4 has been scrapped and the entire project is starting over again. This time with Retro Studios behind the development. The reason, as given by Shinya Takahashi, that Nintendo was aware of the passionate response to the original announcement, and they felt that the game being developed didn't live up to that quality.  

This comes as both good and bad news. 

Bad news - Since its reveal at E3 in 2017, people have been waiting with anticipation for any more info on it. We figured at E3 in 2018, one year after it was first announced, we would finally get to see some game play, or at least a trailer. E3 came and went with zero info about it. Nintendo hasn't even so much as acknowledge the game. With this announcement, we are now looking at a possible 2020 release date, if not longer. 

Good news - Retro Studios was the development team that is responsible for all 3 Metroid Prime games. So they kinda know what they're doing in this regard. Those games were some of the best games released on their respected consoles, if not that generation. The anticipation for Prime 4 is even higher now that they are behind it.  

I personally think its really good that Nintendo acknowledge that Prime 4 wasn't living up to expectations, and instead of continuing on with it, just cutting their cost and moving on with another dev team. Prime was one of the most anticipated games on 2019, and it has now been pushed back another few years. Luckily we still have some other games coming out to tie us over until then. But this is kind of a big loss for Nintendo.  

You can watch the entire announcement below. 

This has been James with Game Fix. Game on everybody! 

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