New Battle Royale Game, The Darwin Project, Lands Friday

The Darwin Project is another addition to the Battle Royale genre but in a much smaller scale. It's a 10 person survival "game" which would appear to work the same way as PUBG or Fortnite. The difference, minus weather having an effect on health, is the inclusion of an 11th player, the show director, who oversees and influences the battle in multiple ways. Much like Director Mode in games like Left 4 Dead, which are usually only available in custom games, this mode will entail things from dropping nukes to closing off zones of the map. 

Oh, did I mention the audience? Of course not. 

Viewers watching the game via Mixer will also be able to influence the game. 

The Darwin Project lands on Xbox One this friday as a console exclusive. 

Let's hope it's better than The Culling. 

Love always!

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