New Street Fighter 5 Characters Revealed

Street Fighter 5 just got 3 new characters revealed ahead of Evo 2019, thanks to a leak by Steam. 

Earlier in the week, Steam leaked a video of 3 new characters that were being released for Capcom's Street Fighter 5 fighting game. The characters were supposed to be unveiled at this years Evolution Championship Series (Evo) which starts tomorrow (Friday) and runs thru the entire weekend. 

Since it was an official Capcom video that Steam posted, Capcom decided to just reveal the characters today, and save some time. 

The new characters bring the roster up to 35 unique characters and is a return of one of the original World Warriors. 

You can see that video down below. 

Two returning, and 1 brand new character. Not bad. No Makoto though, which makes me not even remotely care. Release Makoto and I will start playing the game. 

This now begs the question, since these characters were leaked and Capcom felt like they had to official announce them. What is Capcom going to announce at Evo? It's been kind of a tradition that Capcom announces its newest character packs at the tournament. Maybe they will reveal something else? 

E. Honda, Lucia, and Poison will be released August 4th with a skin pack coming the next day. I hope you saved your fight money! 

As always, this has been James with Game Fix. Game on everybody!  

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