If you were lucky enough to be in Chicago, and even luckier enough to get into the Pokemon Go Fest, then you were pretty unlucky. 
Being a former radio pro, I immediately noticed how lame this whole set up was. Especially being that it was for one of the most popular franchises on Earth.
I could have set up a better event promoting dog feces. 

And that's not even the biggest problem. 

Nobody could play. Nobody could take advantage of the rare Pokemon. And nobody will forget how Niantic completely dropped the ball. 

I've expressed my disdain for companies that just clone games, throw a popular name on it, and try to play it off like their own original idea. This event shows why. Nothing about it was professional. It was like someone invested money for this event, and Niantic tried to spend as little as possible. 

But I digress. Watch this video. It's a compilation of the event in all it's horrible glory. 

We'll be talking about this trainwreck tonight, which I guarantee will be more entertaining than actually being there. 

Love ya!

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