Nintendo has just released their "new" Switch model into the world. With that, Gamestop is actually doing something cool... I know right. 

From August 12th til September 15th, you can bring your older model Nintendo Switch unit and $75 to upgrade to the newer model of the Nintendo Switch. 

The catch? Cause there is always a catch. The older Switch needs to have everything included in the box - manual, dock, paperwork, everything - in order to the get the trade in value. Missing one thing and you won't get the full value. This offer is also only available to the United States, so sorry everybody else. 

Upgrading your Switch for just over the price of a retail game isn't too bad. From talking to a friend of mine, system transfers depend on the store. I asked him if he did them at his store and he said sure, but then I called my local store and they said no. So your miles may vary. Call ahead to your Gamestop to make sure they will allow you to system transfer. 

This has been James with Game Fix. Game on everybody! 



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