No Man's Sky Free Update "Desolation" Includes Haunted Freighters

Hello Games remains hard at work on the inclusion of No Man's Sky updates, and their latest patch adds some surreal horror elements to the game with the addition of a derelict freighter, providing a very Dead Space-like atmosphere while providing a different style of gameplay. 

"The shattered interiors are also rich with salvage, including otherwise unobtainable upgrades for your own capital ship." Sean Murray stated. "Technology you retrieve still has the marks of the ship you took it from, meaning your own freighter will now reflect something of your journey."

But in the panic to flee the ship, hazardous items have spilled, defense systems have been scrambled and environment controls have begun to fail. Some vessels may even have been overrun by hostile alien lifeforms... You may want to take some friends along to increase your chances of making it out alive."

Very much like the planets you inhabit, the freighters are procedurally generated and contain ship logs that explain the course of events as to how they became derelict. Hazards like rogue A.I. systems or biological enemies may wait in tow. There's also an additional custom for freighters that allow you to outfit them with color schemes. This customization can be done from onboard the freighter at its Upgrade Control terminal.

As for the non-freighter related upgrades, balances have been added to both weapons and combat to overhaul the experience. No Man's Sky has proven to be very adept at reinventing its experience from its hollow base upon launch, becoming a more robust venture with each free upgrade.

Other No Man's Sky Desolation 2.6 patch notes include. Here is a full list of changes in the patch notes: 

- Derelict freighters contain large volumes of valuable salvage, as well as special new rewards.

- Each star system has one derelict freighter style, allowing Travellers to share the portal address of systems with particularly interesting wrecks.

- Improved the display and clarity of the stats displayed on the freighter inventory screen.

- Added a new item, the Anomaly Detector, occasionally found when mining asteroids. This strange device will help locate an anomalous space object.

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