This is mighty interesting, and since it is April Fools, take it with a grain of salt. The Overwatch dev team is planning some huge things for Overwatch in the next year, and it has been leaked.  

A lot of this stuff has already been talked about by the dev team. A few things I find really interesting. 

Quick play rule set? I can't even begin to talk about what this even means.

F2P? F2P has been talked about before, but never too seriously. This was supposed to happen at last year's Blizcon, but never did. 

Sept we are getting an SR reset. Also interesting. 

And a new character in Nov, named "talon tank 32". So Echo is not hero 32 according to this. And in March is says "hitscan AI 33". Could be Echo? I don't know. 

All credit goes to Stylosa for this. He posted the video and released the image. 

What are your thoughts? Is this just too good to be true? Let us know down below.

This has been James with Game Fix. Wishing you all a happy April Fools day.  

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