Patch Update To Street Fighter V Champion Edition Addresses Netcode Issues

Four years into the game's life, Street Fighter V has been rather infamous for its less than stellar netcode and has lead to many of the problems the online community has had with efforts to enjoy stable play while battling it out with people across the globe. As Street Fighter V has been seemingly designed to be a fighting game aimed exclusively for tournament play since its release, the speculation is Capcom held addressing the online infrastructure as secondary, focusing more on the success of the Capcom Pro Tour, a series of sponsored tournaments held where the participants earn points to qualify for Capcom Cup, the year and season-ending tournament that awards large cash prizes.

On January 23rd, an individual by the name of fluffysheap created a mod that acted as a patch to fix the rollback netcode, allowing matches to play out more smoothly. The critical downside to this is the mod only worked for PC players of Street Fighter V and not PlayStation 4 users, making crossplay virtually impossible. The result in a matchup of a PC player with the mod installed versus a PS4 opponent saw the PC user having a perfectly smooth connection while the console player sees a terrible case of lag, violent rollback, and unfeasible instability.  

On February 18th, Capcom shutdown servers to begin maintenance on the netcode. Yoshinori Ono, the executive producer of Street Fighter V (who is now in more of seemingly an unofficial spokesperson role), made a cryptic message about Capcom "grasping the situation" in regard to the netcode. As it turns out, the patch update has removed the fan-made mod that crippled crossplay, as well as some mild adjustments to the netcode that improves overall stability. Not a great deal, but it's an improvement over its quality prior to the mod. Youtuber VesperArcade spoke about the improvements made to the refreshed online play:

He continues:

Street Fighter V Champion Edition is currently available for PC and Playstation 4

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