PlayStation Direct Announcement Roundup

With Sony skipping E3 this year, they have decided to the Nintendo approach to video game announcements. So here the first, of what they are claiming many this year, PlayStation Directs! 

First up, Iron Man VR which they are claiming is coming out this year. 

I'm not excited for it honestly. It looks to be an on rails shooter, but we don't really know since none of the footage is gameplay.  

I really hate when they do this.

Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled is the next installment of the popular Crash Kart racing game, which is supposed to be a Playstation 4 exclusive. 

Up next is an interesting update to No Man's Sky, titled No Man's Sky: Beyond and its taking advantage of VR. 

If there is one game that could benefit from VR, it would be No Man's Sky. It's stated to be a major update and its going to be entirely free. 

Now this game looks like it could be fun. What do you get when you mix animals, Diablo, and a little PvP just for fun? 

With 4 player online support and with local split screen, this get could be insanely fun. 

Blood and Truth seems like an interesting VR game. First announced at Paris Games week, this title seems like it can be an interesting addition to the growing VR library. 

Scheduled to come out May 28, 2019. This could be the bar that other VR games are judged by. 

They then showed a video showcasing all of the other VR games coming out this year. Table of Tales is probably my favorite among them. 

The Sci-fi thriller Observation has an interesting take on the idea of survival horror. You are the space station, well you are the AI that controls the space station. Its being published by Devoler Digital, who is known for making kind of out there games. Its basically 2001: A Space Odyssey, but instead of you controlling a character, you are HAL. 

This game looks awesome, and I will be checking it out. Its coming out 5\21\2019.

I always thought this next game was already in VR. Five Fights At Freddy's is getting the VR treatment, why we will never know. It would have been interesting 5 years ago when these games were super popular. 

Well, here is the trailer anyway. 

Its going to be a collection game. Its going to have the levels from the previous games along with some new ones never before seen. I am not a fan of these games, so pass. 

PlayStation World Wide studios is bringing us another absolutely stunning game. Developed by Pixelopus. 

And now a quick update to the PS4 exclusive, Days Gone

It honestly looks like Red Dead on bikes with zombies. Days Gone is coming out April 26, 2019. 

Last on the list is MK11. 

Thats it! This was the first "State of Play" in a series of them thats supposed to happen through out the year. 

What were your thoughts? What got you hyped? Let us know down below. 

And as always, this has been James with Game Fix. Game on everybody! 

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