In the long anticipation for a 3rd installment of the Portal franchise it seems Valve has given its license of Portals assets to Headup Games for one game. Headup Games are the makers of the physics based bridge building game Bridge Constructor. To be clear, Headup Games is creating this game, not Valve, keep that in mind. We still get GLaDOS and Aperture Laboratories items but instead as playing as Chell you are playing as a truck driver, the game is Bridge Constructor Portal.

So the title of the game isn't great, and it is definitely not Portal 3, but it does has the same feel of Bridge Constructor (which wasn't a bad game) just add a Portal gun! Adding a Portal gun to a video game is like adding bacon to any food, yes please!! I, myself will be checking this game out because Portal is my favorite franchise by far. (as I sit here waiting for Portal 3) Bridge Constructor Portal will be released on December 20th 2017 on Windows, MacOS, Linux, and mobile. It will be released on console in early 2018. Can't wait to start testing again!

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