SNK Reveals The Arcade Stick Pro That Comes With Pre-Installed Fighting Games

SNK loves their plug-n-play consoles to the point that if feels like they produce them out of reflex. So in case you need your fix for another piece of licensed hardware ,SNK has announced their latest contraption, the Arcade Stick Pro! Unlike the Neo Geo Mini, which was dropped last July, this one is pretty interesting, but an odd choice.

The unique feature this one appears to boast is the ability to not only the ability to either plug it directly to your TV or PC to play its built-in library, which also has ports for use of the Neo Geo Mini pads. There is a second port to add another arcade stick for adequate two player capabilities. Or connect it to your Neo Geo Mini to allow for more legitimate arcade play on the tiny device. 

Dimension wise, it looks like a reasonable build (W 430mm×D 215mm×H 125mm), depending on if these specs are final for the hardware. I'd say that it depends on the library of the 20 games included, but SNK's library of fighters have been redistributed in great bulk in recent years on digital marketplaces, along with the 40th Anniversary Collection released earlier this year. If it can be used as simply an arcade stick for your PS4, PC, Xbox One, or Switch, which I question why it isn't just that, then it'd be a good novelty item. This will be SNK Entertainment's third official device since the release of the Neo Geo X in 2012.

No scheduled release date or further information regarding the Neo Geo Arcade Stick Pro's library has been provided as of this writing. 

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