Studio MDHR Teases The First DLC For Cuphead To Be Delayed

The first DLC from Studio MDHR for Cuphead entitled "The Last Delicious Course" was originally announced on June 10th, 2018 and was set to be released sometime in 2019. Today it was announced that the DLC has been delayed to a 2020 release. During the original announcement the DLC was going to be exclusively released to Xbox One and PC. Since that announcement Cuphead has been released on the Nintendo Switch. I am assuming this is the reason why it has been delayed, Studio MDHR needs time to make the Switch version right. It will still include a new island, new boss enemies, new weapons and new charms, and also includes the intro to the new playable character Ms. Chalice.

This was the announcement made on Twitter from Studio MDHR...

Here is the video released on Studio MDHR's Youtube...

Either way I'm still very excited for this DLC. If you haven't tried Cuphead yet or hate the game it's probably because its way too hard for you. (I'm kidding, or am I?)

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