Over this past weekend, EA did a private alpha for the newest Bioware RPG, Anthem. While I was in the alpha, I cannot talk about what I experienced (trust me, it was kinda ehh). 

This isn't what I am here to talk about. 

Many social media outlets and even gaming web sites are talking about the issue that transpired during the alpha. EA put heavy restrictions on what people in the alpha could talk about, and we were not allowed to stream the game at all. 

That didn't stop one person. He streamed his experience with Anthem, violating the NDA. His account was banned for doing this. 

Now, social media and the gaming "journalists" are saying he had everything taken away from him. When in fact, that isn't true at all. He didn't have anything on the account other than Anthem. So he didn't lose anything, other than the game he wasn't supposed to show. 

This has actually been confirmed by EA them self. In a statement released to USgamer EA states that "the user didn't have any other games on their Origin account".

I know EA is kind of the company to hate right now. But please, at least do a little research before you unjustly hate them. 

That is all. Thank you for reading. 

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