I remember as a kid, many many moons ago, of just walking into a toy store or department store and purchasing a game. Give them money, they give me the game. 

Years later, Collectors Edition became a thing. A more expensive version of the same game that came with added stuff. Some had maps, a steel case, a statue, maybe even an art book. 

Now a days? You get this. 

I want the game, but I also want the season pass, but this one comes with cool guns, and this one has a soundtrack! 

The Editions Chart. 

What the heck is this? These different editions range from $59.99 for the standard edition (which comes with the game!) to the the "Phoenix Shield Edition" which will run you $250 smackers. Plus its only available to the Ubisoft store and sold out in less than a day. Don't worry though, cause you can go to Ebay and purchase it for $350 bucks, not including shipping. 

Now onto the other big release this year. 

This is the different versions for Anthem that you will able to purchase. While not as utterly ridiculous as The Division 2, it's still way more than whats really needed. Do I really need to spend $20 extra dollars for some armor that's going to get out dated right after the tutorial mission? It's a looter\shooter. You will constantly get new armor and weapons. Why do I need to subscribe to their service to get the best possible version of the game?     

Why did this get so complicated? Between these insane multiple editions, to per-order bonuses, to season passes. What happened to just going and buying the game? 

Speaking of per-order bonuses. If you pre-order Mortal Kombat 11, you get Shao Kahn as a playable character. For the people who don't pre-order? You have to purchase him separately. So to get a character that is a main stay of the MK franchise, you need to pre-order the game or pay extra for him at launch. 

Now company's have realized that its too expensive to hire people to beta test their games, so they're making us do it for them. I took part in The Division 2 Private beta, because I purchased The Division 2. If I didn't, I wouldn't have been able access it. If I hated it? I just wasted money. From my experience, it didn't play at all like a beta. There was one bug that I personally encountered, and I bet you $20 bucks that it's not going to get fixed in the full release, because it's so minor and stupid that it will get over looked.

These are 3 examples are a plethora of just strange marketing strategies to make you confused so you spend more money to get the "best possible version" of the game.

Stop. If you need a chart to buy a video game, there is something seriously wrong with this industry. Standard, Digital Deluxe, Collectors Edition. That is all that is needed. Something for everybody, something a little extra for the digital players, and something a little extra for the physical collectors. 

That is all you need. Stop with your charts!

What are your thoughts on gaming charts? Is it good for the industry, or is this going just way too far? Are games becoming more of a service? Let us know in the comments. 

As always, this is James with Game Fix. Game on everybody!    

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