Top 10 Things Nintendo Needs To Do For The Switch

I love my Switch, I really do. But its lacking something. So I have compiled a list of 10 things that I feel Nintendo needs to do with the Switch. 

In no real order. 

1) Online Service. 

While Nintendo has been dabbling with online services since the Super NES. In this new modern area, we kind of expect our online services to work. Switch online is just terrible, especially for a paid service. While it is cheap, at only $20, that doesn't excuse it for being bad. I personally have fast internet, I can download updates while playing online games like Overwatch with zero lag. But playing Super Smash Bros Ultimate online makes me think I am playing Quake 2 on a 56k modem again. From inputs being delayed, to them just being dropped altogether, to characters teleporting across the screen, to me just dieing cause I fell off of the edge when I clearly wasn't any where near it. Its really no excuse in what is now 2019 to have issues with online connectivity. Nintendo needs to stop with the peer 2 peer system, and start setting up dedicated servers. We are paying for a service now, a service that we expect to work most of the time. 

2) Region free the subscription games

I like the fact that I do get to play NES games with my subscription, and I like the fact that you are adding "special" versions of games. But I do think, that since the Switch is region free, you should also allow me to access Japanese and Pal region games from one account. I know its easy to create these regional accounts, I actually did an article on it that you can read right here. I think that we shouldn't even have to do this. You already have the games on the server, just allow any region to have access to those games with out having to work around it. 

3) Clean up the Eshop

Its messy and its hard to find games. You should separate triple A games from First Party Games and indie games should have their own menu. DLC should be under a different menu option also. You just have everything mixed together where most people just get frustrated with it and just end up searching for games. 

4) Remasters

While I don't take issue with remasters, you guys need to calm down with them. Remasters make up a large bulk of the Switch's library, with more announced all the time. I know a lot of 3rd party developers are hesitant to release something on the Switch, but that time should have passed by now. The Switch has made the case for being a platform that developers shouldn't be scared of any more. It was the fastest selling console of 2018. Developers should be jumping on this platform, and they aren't. Why? 

5) If you insist on the remasters, at least make them playable. 

The World Ends With You. A great underrated DS title got a Switch Remaster. Awesome! The problem? It was terrible. First off, its 50 bucks! For a game that is over ten years old at this point and its a port of the mobile game and not the DS title. Second, it controls horribly. It was originally released for the DS, so it had stylus controls. The Switch version has it so it uses motion controls. The issue? The Joycons are fidgety and you can't play it docked. You have to play it on the TV. So the one benefit that the system has, you can't use. 

6) Offer a new challenge with older titles

As I stated, I like the fact that I can stream NES games and while there are "special" versions of the games, which offer a new challenge or lay out. You should also consider adding in a trophy or achievement system. Maybe, like with Legend of Zelda, have a challenge to play through the entire game with out getting the sword. Or a low heart run. In Super Mario Bros beat the game with out touching the ground. You can even tie these to coins to spend in the eshop. Just something to add a little more spice to these games that are 30 years old at this point.  

7) Just give us a virtual console. 

This one is pretty self explanatory. While its cool to have NES titles, they are on a rotation, and the older titles will eventually rotate out, and be replaced with newer titles. Its cool to keep the streaming service fresh, but what if I want to play The Legend of Zelda only to find out that it has been rotated off of the list? Now I have to find a rom to play it, which I wouldn't do if I could just buy it from the eshop. You have an app that allows us to pick these games to play, why not allow us to purchase these titles from that app? Maybe give discounts for those who have an online subscription. This would keep both parties happy. It will allow those who didn't sub to the online service the option to buy the games they want to play, and it gives the people who did buy the service, something extra if they want to purchase the titles. It will also clean up the eshop since you won't be placing these titles on there. 

8) Themes, backgrounds, music. 

We should be allowed to customize our console to the way we want. We have this option with the 3DS, why not with the Switch also? You can even have it so we can use the music from games that we purchase as background music or just sound effects. The 3DS does this amazingly well. There is no excuse to not allow us to be able to do this on our Switch. 

9) While we are on the subject of music. 

Music. Streaming. Service. That is all. 

10) Party system

Know the most fun I had playing online games? BSing with my friends. Some of the best matches I have had playing Street Fighter 4, was just me in a party with 5 friends trash talking and popping out jokes. Why can't we do that in Smash? Or Mario Kart? Or even ARMS? A party system would go a long way in games like Smash and Mario Kart. 

Well, thats it my friends. That is my list of things that Nintendo needs to do with the Switch. Got anything to add? Comment below.   

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