World of Warcraft. Fun right? With a new expansion on the way in September and content being released every month between now and then. WoW has made the news for something other than its spiking sub numbers. 

According to Fortune, the Bolivar, the official currency of the country Venezuela, is worth less - yes less - than the very fake currency in World of Warcraft. 

The break down is as follows.

Every 12,197 Bolivar is worth one US dollar. That's the official exchange rate held up by the government. Compare that to the price of the WoW tokens, official credit that is used to extend your in game time, is worth $20 US dollars and can be sold in game for a price of 129,631 gold. If you do the math, that is 6,482 gold per US dollar.  

What does that mean in English? WoW's gold is worth almost twice as much as the Venezuelan official currency.

Mind = blown

I might cash out and buy a small mansion in Venezuela. Nothing too big, just a 50 room, 10 bath. Maybe a pool table or two. 

Well, thats it for this quick, but interesting update. I am James from Game Fix. Game on everybody! 

And grind that WoW gold!  

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