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Inazuma Eleven And Ni No Kuni Developer level-5 Interested In Making A Return To The West

The studio Level-5 Inc., noted publisher and producer of hits such as Ni No Kuni: The Wrath of the White Witch, the PlayStation 2 cult hit Rogue Galaxy, the Professor Layton series, and the Yokai Watch franchise have enjoyed pretty storied success throughout the years. After 2020, the company scaled back its global…


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RETRO REBOOT - Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors (PlayStation)

If you were to make a list about what franchise qualifies as Capcom's most beloved series, it'd be hard to find one more beloved than Darkstalkers. Street Fighter has been the backbone of the fighting game genre for literal decades, Resident Evil is the standard bearer for the survival horror franchise, Monster Hunter is a cash-generating machine,…


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Digital Games Outsold Physical Games In The UK By Nearly 90% In 2022

Since the inception of digital storefronts in mainstream gaming, the debate between Physical vs Digital has grown ever more heated. In recent years, the rise of digital gaming has continued on a steady increase, as Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony's access to virtual retail follows in line with the popularity of Steam, and since 2018, physical copies of…


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Wizards Of The Coast Critical Fumbles, Hasbro Holds On OGL 1.1 Changes After Massive fan Backlash

The freedom of third party creation in the world of Dungeons & Dragons was severely threatened in the last two weeks. Wizards of the Coast was generally liberal with its royalty-free OGL (open gaming license) for the past twenty years. Its original version v.1.0 stated a rather forgiving set of guidelines to follow, which allowed for free use of…


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RETRO REBOOT - Golden Axe: The Duel (Sega Saturn)

Golden Axe: The Duel is one of those curious cases of what became of Sega's more popular franchises following the end of the Mega Drive's lifespan. It was finally time for the company to move on from its 16-bit powerhouse, and to the average fan, the anticipation of seeing Sega franchises like Shinobi, ThunderForce, Streets of Rage, maybe a new…


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King of Fighters XV Trailer For Shingo Yabuki, As Well As Season 2 Roadmap

The King Of Fighters XV season 2 gets kicked off with its newest trailer. After a lengthy absence, Shingo Yabuki makes his return as a playable character. 

Debuting in King of Fighters 97, the genuinely gentle and "goofy" Shingo was introduced to add some levity to KOF's rather darker storyline. He was brought in as a comedy foil for…


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Early Looks Into The Super Nintendo World Park At Universal Studios Hollywood

The opening gate for Hollywood location of Super Nintendo World is approaching fast. Perhaps it has been the world reacting to the reveal of Illumination's Super Mario Bros Movie, but the park opens this year. Courtesy of the MiceChat…


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PlayStation 5 Hits 30 Million Sales, Reports Supply Shortages Are Over

In its second year, the PlayStation 5 has been the console of choice for the average consumer. With the Xbox Series X|S keeping a modest pace, and the Nintendo Switch seeing a decline in retail interest for the first time since its launch, Sony's brand remains high in demand for this console generation. Based on recent information, it should be…


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RETRO REBOOT - Irritating Stick: Jaleco's Best Game? (PlayStation)

Remember those buzz wire games? The ones that move around and you have to guide the ring through the course without touching the sides? Did you ever think that by as late as 1999, a studio would make a video game based on this for the Sony PlayStation? Video games by this point had players exploring vast worlds, leveling up characters, and stealthing…


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Konami Game Designer And Metal Gear Producer Implies 'Long Awaited' Announcement On The Way

Well, 2022 is coming to a close, so how about I provide another update from the workings of Konami? In recent years, the producer/publisher has kept their heads low as they have stated they were eager to get back into mainline console game development. Following some modest offerings like Super Bomberman R (which has a sequel planned for 2023),…


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Free Games For January 2023 - Xbox Games With Gold

The new year will roll out for Xbox Games With Gold, featuring two titles hitting the service come January that will test the intellect of the player. From NExT Studios (Metal Revolution, Bladed Fury) comes a 3D adventure puzzler Iris.Fall. And from Denki comes the simulation strategy game, Autonauts

Access to these…


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Free Games For Janurary 2023 - PlayStation Plus Premium/Essential/Extra Monthly games

Get your gaming ready for the new year with PlayStation Plus' lineup of free downloads for every tier, Premium, Extra, and Essential. Exclusively to the PlayStation 4, Bethesda's open world live service spin on the nuclear resource management survival game, the controversial Fallout 76. And for the PS5 and PS4, Respawn Entetainment's action…


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RUMOR: Nintendo Discarded Plans For A Switch Upgrade, Changed Focus On Next Gen Hardware

Ever since the Nintendo Switch launched and its specs were revealed, the conversations surrounding an upgraded version were as much of a dominating topic as its market success. Using modified Tegra X1 chips, it may have been clear that the Nintendo Switch would not be able to pack the punch of the Xbox One or the PlayStation 4.

Since the…


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VR Survival Game, Primal Hunt Official Trailer

This new VR experience developed and published by Phaser Lock Interactive, Primal Hunt pits you one-on-one against one of the animal kingdom's most fierce apex predators, DINOSAURS. Take down these ferocious reptiles, but be wary. The further along you proceed, the more advanced the dinosaurs become, as they soon become upgraded with high-powered…


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Sony's Reported Plans To Withhold Silent Hill 2 Remake And Final Fantasy VII Remake From Other Consoles, Microsoft Confirms

While the Federal Trade Commission has decided to take Microsoft to court regarding its purchase of Activision Blizzard, citing that the deal is not considered fair in the marketplace of business practices, the tech giant has began ramping up its rebuttal as the boot has gradually come down more firmly on the deal. One of the biggest oppositions…


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RETRO REBOOT - NFL Blitz 2001 (Nintendo 64)

The NFL Blitz window ended up being rather short-lived. That makes sense, as this style of arcade gaming was (stop me if you've read this on this editorial) becoming less commonplace by the end of the 90's, as Midway's reign on the western gaming world was loosening rapidly. I wasn't even that huge of a football fan when I was younger, but NFL Blitz…


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Guerilla Games Plans On An Online Multiplayer Game In The Horizon Franchise

If story-based, cinematic games pique your interest, then the Sony brand of exclusives are certainly for you. The PlayStation brand of exclusives has that covered for a large number of gamers. Titles under the Sony library, however, do not really tap into that online marketplace that many other third party developers have coined. 

When the…


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Free Games For December 2022: Nintendo Switch Online Service SEGA Genesis Expansion Pack

With the holidays around the corner, Nintendo didn't want to be left out of the equation with some free additions to the Nintendo Switch Online Service. This time, these new additions will be heading to the Sega Genesis library of the Expansion Pack. The classics include the brawler shooter Alien Storm, the match-three puzzler Columns, the fantasy…


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Chris Metzen Returns To Blizzard To Assist On World Of Warcraft

A familiar, and welcoming, presence has made a return to Blizzard Entertainment. Chris Metzen, veteran game designer and a legend among the community, has been confirmed to make a comeback to assist with expanding the ever growing lore of World of Warcraft. The news was brought to by Blizzard General Manager John Hight via Twitter.



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Animaniacs Returns On Hulu For Its Final Season

With much fanfare, the Warner Bros. (and the Warner sister) made their return to the public eye in 2020. The initial deal would honor two seasons, and it was met with generally overall favorable reviews. The two seasons were produced back to back, and season three is scheduled to launch February 13th, 2023, for its last season.…


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