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RETRO REBOOT!! Super Metroid (Super Nintendo Entertainment System)

When the conversation of the greatest video game of all time comes up, certainly it's subjective and there's no general consensus on formulating a definitive answer. And I try to not sound like a product of my time (says the guy that writes a column that exclusively talks about retro games), but I feel the world's greatest video games on the planet…


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WayForward Drops a Trailer for River City Girls

The long-running Kunio-kun/ River City series will see another entry with the official announcement of River City Girls. Taking the role of Kyoko and Misako, the two tough-as-nails high schoolers battle their way through six regions of River City to rescue their boyfriends and longtime franchise mainstays, Kunio and Riki.…


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RETRO REBOOT!! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (NES)

You want a hot take? I still think that despite this game's flaws, it's still one of the most entertaining TMNT games out there. Like Karate Champ, the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was one of those NES carts almost every kid had and every kid played. The difference being is that while Karate Champ was a deliciously bad title that was fun to…


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Platinum Games Has No Plans for Extra Content in Astral Chain, Aims for a Trilogy

Platinum Games is looking to push its boundaries with Astral Chain. In a recent IGN interview, Takahisa Taura spoke about the prospects of the upcoming Nintendo Switch action game. With its futuristic setting and high paced action, this title looks to add some very unique variables and a creative spin on combat with the incorporation of the Legions,…


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RETRO REBOOT!! Fighter's History (SNES)

The term knock-off generally carries negative connotations and is met with eye rolling reactions. Throughout the early 90's, the golden period of fighting games brought along its many copycats. I fathom to think about the literal dozens of that one guy who has to own that ONE game who rushed out to buy an Atari Jaguar just to say he owns and plays…


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RETRO REBOOT!! Zelda II The Adventure of Link (NES)

I'm on record for Listing Zelda II as being in one of my top five favorite games in the franchise. The first one was memorable as hell. You're an elf kid, you got no true destination. Just go into a cave and old dude gives you some equipment. From there, you set out on an adventure that you can almost literally carve your own way as you look for…


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SNK Reportedly Denied PC Exclusive Deal For Samurai Shodown

SNK's return to its weapon's based 2D fighter is less than two weeks away (June 25th), and director Noboyuki Kuroki is confident in Samurai Shodown's return to the fighting game scene. The series will be on the Playstation 4 and Xbox One, the PC version will be a little time away.

According to SNK fan…


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The Turbografx-16 Mini Revealed by Konami

Mini console mania continues to roll forward. Over the last three years, an interest in plug and play retro consoles has seen the demand for the NES Classic supercede its expectations that production couldn't be met. Nintendo followed up with the much acclaimed SNES Classic in 2017. Sony jumped on the bandwagon and took a shot at their own retro…


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The Witcher III Journeys to the Nintendo Switch

It had been widely speculated around last year if CD Projekt RED had any interest in bringing any titles to the Nintendo Switch. On June 5th, Geralt voice actor Doug Cockle intensified those rumors by responding to a tweet that featured a doctored image of The Witcher III as it may appear as a Switch copy.…


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RETRO REBOOT!! Virtua Cop (Sega Saturn)

It's a discussion I intend to save for another day, but when I define retro, there's some cornerstones that were very indicative of the time. Light gun games are one of them. And Virtua Cop was one of the more entertaining ones and I spent literal pounds of quarters. Sega's AM2 team defined an era for me as a video game fan in my early teens, and the…


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RETRO REBOOT!! Herc's Adventures (Playstation)

Herc's Adventures is one of those games that began the swan song for an era of gaming. In terms of tone and design, anyways. Perhaps a tad melodramatic, but as the 90's moved forward and marketing geared more towards the 18-34 demographic, there were less charming and colorful games like Herc's Adventures and Blasto in favor of more cinematic and…


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GameStop Leak Confirms Final Fantasy VII Remake Coming to Xbox One?

When the initial teaser trailer for the long anticipated Final Fantasy Remake aired at E3 in 2015, it seemed to be widely assumed that it would be a Playstation exclusive. Marketing and advertising also seemed to dictate the notion the this game was destined for only the PS4. Until its release on the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One last March, the…


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Konami's Contra Anniversary Collection Has its Lineup Revealed

The third of Konami's anniversary collections they've been releasing this season reveals its itinerary of Contra titles, and it's pretty great. Contra Hard Corps, a Sega Genesis/MegaDrive exclusive and one of the more rare games in the series, is included, as well as the regional variants, like Probotector, as the series is known in the European part…


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RETRO REBOOT!! Contra Hard Corps (Sega Genesis)

We have reached the end of Contra Month, and what better way to wrap up the month than to talk what I think is the best made Contra and one of the top tier Genesis titles that outshines the SNES' The Alien War. Contra III is a very good game, but the one key element that puts Hard Corps over is they omitted the novelty level. Sure, with Mode 7, the…


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Rumor: A New Contra Game May Be in the Works for PS4, Switch, and Xbox One

It appears that there may be a chance a brand new Contra game could be in development from Konami. This could be a very stunning development, as despite Konami making record profits five years in a row, their pipeline for new projects have been dry. Aside from Super Bomberman R, (an underrated game), Pro Evolution Soccer and Metal Gear Survive (a game…


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Star Ocean Remake Coming to the Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4

The very first Star Ocean game saw a redistribution on the Playstation Portable in 2008, at the time, the only legit means players in the US would have had a chance to enjoy it. Well, now in the age of Remake-a-Mania, the tri-Ace developed RPG will receive a newer facelift on the Playstation 4 and the Nintendo Switch. The development of Star Ocean…


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Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Delayed Until February

The mountains of feedback to the Sonic the Hedgehog trailer released back in late April was so severe that it was virtually impossible for anyone at Paramount to notice. To say fans were less than happy with the CGI mockup of the Blue Bomber would be a gross understatement. Filmmaker Jeff Fowler may avoid a catastrophic directorial debut by deciding…


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RETRO REBOOT!! Contra III The Alien Wars (SNES)

Week 3 of Contra Month, it's arguably the most popular game of the 8 to 16-bit Contra series. Being the first entry on the 16 bit platform, The Alien Wars ups the ante with more mid bosses, bigger stage bosses, and even more daunting stages. In my eyes, this game changed Contra forever. I don't mean that in a bad way, necessarily. Mind you, this isn't…


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Loading Times of PS5 Compared to the PS4 Pro Reportedly Revealed

The early speculations of the next generation have been underway, and it looks like Sony takes a major opportunity to reveal what looks like seamless, if not nonexistent, loading times for its next gen console.…


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Super Mario Maker 2 Looks Like It Will Be A Monster of a Sequel

If by chance you missed out on the first Super Mario Maker on the Wii U, it was an amazing showcase of off-the-wall creativity and mayhem from what was one of the console's most popular games. A follow-up was almost guaranteed, and some of the new features revealed in the Nintendo Direct look very promising. Here's a brief…


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