Amazon France Listing Possibly Reveals As Of Yet Announced Nintendo Games

With E3 being in the can this year due to very obvious pandemic related circumstances, any public venue for showcasing video games are in the can for the immediate future. The early part of the summer is about that time when the Electronic Entertainment Expo churns out news that lays out the road map for the big three console manufacturers and third party developers. While public events take a hiatus, that doesn't stop potential leaks or hints from making the rounds.

According to Nintendo'Alerts on Twitter, Amazon France was shown to have listings for the Nintendo Switch from major companies like SquareEnix and Take2. The listing is as follows: 

- 1 Switch exclusive from Capcom

- 1 game from Take 2, appears to be multi-platform

- 2 games from UbiSoft, both are multi-platform

- 2 listings from Warner, 1 Switch exclusive

- 2 listings from SquareEnix, Switch exclusives (perhaps Bravely Default and/or Octopath Traveler 2)

- 3 games from Bethesda. 1 Switch exclusive, 1 for the PS4 and Switch, 1 on all platforms

There are also 4 listings for other Nintendo games with no accommodating picture. It's possible that these were intended to be reveals for a Nintendo Direct at E3. Without any pomp or circumstances, video game news can be rather sordid and hype is cumbersome to conjure up. If there's traction to these hinted reveals, a fun guessing game about what could be coming to the Switch in what's shaping up to be a very different holiday season and 2021 is at the very least something to talk about to pass the time until more details are revealed. Until next time. 

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