Blizzard and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation have teamed up for a special event. From May 8th thru May 21st you can purchase this special Pink Mercy skin along with a special Pink Mercy t-shirt available on the Blizzard Gear Store. all proceeds from the t-shirt and the skin will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  

The skin, which seems to be an original design and not a reskin, is priced at $14.99 and the t-shirt is priced at $30 dollars. The skin is available in game right now and the t-shirt is up on the Blizzard Gear Store   

Show your support for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation as Overwatch’s peerless scientist and guardian angel, Mercy, in her new Pink skin—available for a limited time," Blizzard said. "BCRF’s mission is to advance the world's most promising research to eradicate breast cancer."

Along with these two things, Blizzard has also announced charity streams that will feature "influencers with opportunity to unlock unique sprays and player icons". No dates have been announced, so keep your eyes peeled for them. I will announce them right here when I get dates. 

Blizzard has also said that they will donated a guaranteed minimum of $250k and they will disclose the amount that this whole event has made at the end. 

Jeff Kaplan even from the Overwatch team even posted a developer update detailing the event. 

You can watch that below. 

Lets see how far we can get this up, as a community, lets collectively donate to this cause. As somebody who has had family members battle cancer, I have zero problems with buying the Mercy skin, which I already did before writing this. 

Heroes Never Die. 

This has been James with Game Fix. Game on everybody! 

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