Early Reports Indicating Dualsense Adaptive Triggers Are Breaking

One of the defining features of the new PlayStation 5 has been Sony putting aside the Dualshock rumble motors in favor of Dualsense, a function that utilizes haptic feedback for games, providing a more responsive vibration that simulates the tension of the weapons and aspects of the environment for the player. Scenarios like hitting the breaks on a car or drawing a bowstring could emulate a more natural and immersive feel.

As with most first runs of new generation hardware, it's only a matter of time before caveats and setbacks begin to surface. According to users, there's been a number of Playstation 5 owners who have taken to the internet to share stories of their Dualsense adaptive triggers breaking. The reports haven't been overwhelming, indicating that the problem may be miniscule for the time being, but early posts from Reddit about a month ago sees this problem occurring since early December. User EeK9X posted on Resetera about how when playing Spider-Man: Miles Morales, something felt off:

"A few days ago, I was swinging around in Miles Morales when I felt the R2 snap and immediately become looser. It was as if whatever was causing the trigger to "resist" broke, causing it to go back to being a regular, non-adaptive trigger.

Now, considering that I have less than 50 hours of playtime on the PS5 and have always taken good care of my devices, this was unexpected, to say the least. So, I started researching to see how widespread this issue was. And I'd say it's pretty widespread."

User Adept_Standard shared a similar experience on Reddit:

"Same exact thing happened to me. I just noticed it yesterday while playing Monster Hunter World, funny thing is its the same trigger too. My right trigger is soooo weak that it can get set off by virtually no pressure at all, like just resting your finger on it, while the left trigger seems to be just fine."

Other technical issues speak about the Dualsense analog sticks experiencing drift. Methods of fixing that have been posted. Given the release of the PlayStation 5 being rather limited due to inventory and the nature of the pandemic affecting availability, getting an accurate read on how serious this problem is or may become is running on thin and selective data.

It would be prudent, however, to let Sony know of this as early as possible to prevent growing cases from becoming a liability. Nintendo's handling of their Joycon drift, even though they provided free repairs, can best be described as dogged and aloof. This matter may not be too common, perhaps something to remain abreast of as time passes.

SOURCES: Reddit, Resetera 

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