Free Games For September 2022: Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack - Sega Genesis

The Nintendo Switch Online Service + Expansion Pack will be including some new additions to the Sega Genesis catalog. These titles are available right now. From Game Arts comes the 1992 action platforming game Alisia Dragoon. From developer Ancient Corp. (Katekyo Hitman Reborn: Battle Arena, Streets of Rage 3), the 1995 action-adventurer Beyond Oasis. Lastly, developed by Shiny Entertainment comes the 90's video game icon, the run-n-gunner Earthworm Jim.

Alisia Dragoon - Alisia is on a quest to save the world and avenge her father. Along with the ability to wield lightning to strike down her foes, Alisia can also summon her pet monsters that aid her in battle, in both offensive and defensive means. Build your life bar and expand your abilities through multiple worlds.  

Beyond Oasis - Similar to Nintendo's The Legend Of Zelda series, take control of Ali, who discovers a mystical gold armlet that summons the spirits of water, fire, earth, and shadow. The Silver Armlet, which creates chaos and destruction, has been unearthed and must be tracked down. Along with the spirits, use knives, bows & arrows, and bombs to aid you in your quest.

Earthworm Jim - A run-n-gun action platform game with fantastic animation and physcial comedy, you play as the titular character, on his mission to meet his aspiring girlfriend, Princess What's-Her-Name. Battle through signature enemies like Evil the Cat, Major Mucus, Professor Monke-For-A-Head, and the final boss, What's-Her-Name's twin sister, Queen Slug-For-A-Butt. Launch cows and ride rockets through 7 unique main levels and 7 bonus levels. Earthworm Jim has been featured on the weekly review segment, Retro Reboot

*Access to these games require a Nintendo Switch Online Service + Expansion Pack membership

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