Free Games For August 2021 Xbox Games With Gold

Bookending a month of free game announcements for subscription members, Xbox has unveiled their selection of downloadable titles throughout August. Games With Gold will allow access to the hack-n-slash action RPG Darksiders III and 2017's spiritual successor to Banjo-Kazooie, Team17's Yooka-Laylee. Through backward compatibility on the Xbox 360, Capcom's fast-paced third person shooter Lost Planet 3, and the critically acclaimed 1999 SNK fighter, and final chapter in the Fatal Fury story, Garou: Mark of the Wolves

Darksiders III (August 1 to 31): Assume the role of Fury, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, in her quest to hunt down the Seven Deadly Sins. Explore an open-ended, living world, and use your whip and magic to restore the balance between good and evil.

Yooka-Laylee (August 16 to September 15): Explore huge, beautiful worlds and meet an unforgettable cast of characters. As buddy duo, Yooka & Laylee, embark on an epic quest to thwart the corporate villain, Capital B, and his devious scheme to absorb all of the world’s literature.

Lost Planet 3 (August 1 to August 15): Delve deeper into the history of the Lost Planet universe. In this prequel to the previous entries, relive the adventures of Jim Peyton as he reveals the hidden truths within the environments of E.D.N. III, in a highly engrossing single player experience.

Garou - Mark Of The Wolves (August 16 to 31): As the last entry of the classic Fatal Fury series, select over a dozen different fighters to participate in the King of Fighters: Maximum Mayhem tournament. Featuring the T.O.P. fighting system, and a defense and counter mechanic, prove to your opponent that legends don’t die…they get better!

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