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The new year will roll out for Xbox Games With Gold, featuring two titles hitting the service come January that will test the intellect of the player. From NExT Studios (Metal Revolution, Bladed Fury) comes a 3D adventure puzzler Iris.Fall. And from Denki comes the simulation strategy game, Autonauts

Access to these games requires a Game Pass Ultimate subscription.


Iris.Fall (Available January 1st to 31st) - Enter the dreamlike, stunningly designed world of puzzles and adventure. Play as young Iris who follows a mysterious black cat into a labyrinthian world of light and dark. The deeper Iris delves, the more she will realize that everything holds some kind of connection to her. Clever mechanics and challenging puzzles combined with a unique monochrome look and spectacular soundtrack all help lead to a wonderful adventure.

Autonauts (Available January 15th to February 16th) - The world is yours for the building! Find uninhabited planets and transform them. Starting with the absolute basics of harvesting sticks and stones, you’ll begin your foundation. Eventually, you can move up to building workerbots, who in turn can help you build more after you hone their artificial intelligence. Teach them to fish, harvest, cook, tailor, and more.

Before you know it, you can create Folk who will need your assistance to survive. This is an adorably designed sim game that is open-ended and provides tons of fun challenges for you to master. Set the world in motion through automation.

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