Free Games Update | Xbox games With Gold June 2023

Now it's the official reveal of June's offering for the Games With Gold program on the Xbox platform. Subscribers can look forward to Adios (developed by Mischief Studios), a cinematic first-person game about sticking to a complicated decision. And from developers Falling Squirrel and Creative Byte Studios, the unique 3D audio-based action adventure The Vale: Shadow of the Crown. 

Adios (Available June 1st to 30th): One choice can change everything. You are a pig farmer in Kansas who has finally had enough of your role helping the mob dispose of bodies on your farm. Your hitman friend tries to convince you to change your mind as the two of you go about the errands of the day. He knows what saying no means. This is a meditative thoughtful game that reflects on morality and spirituality with compelling writing and phenomenal voice acting. Will this be goodbye?

The Vale: Shadow of the Crown (Available June 16th to July 15th): You can close your eyes and listen. This is one of the most unique adventures you’ll experience that leverages sound and haptic controller feedback in an audio-based adventure. Break down the barriers between you as the player and your character as you feel your enemy’s breath, listen to the crunching of footsteps or the clang of weapons. Combat is intense and very different than other combat and fantasy games. 

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