November 23, 2004. That is the day that World of Warcraft was released. Blizzard is starting to celebrate it early! 

Starting today, logging into your active WoW account gives you the feat of strength "WoW's 14 Anniversary" and an "Anniversary Gift" box. Opening the box gives you 3 things. Celebration Package, which when used gives you increased exp and reputation by 14% for 1 hour. 200 Timewarped badges (currency used on a special vendor), and a quest called "A Slightly More Urgent Letter from the Timewalkers". 

The quest directs you either Historian Llore for the Alliance or Historian Ju'Pa for the Horde. They are special vendors that you can use all of your Timewarped badges and will also give you special dailies in order to get more timewarped badges.  

Their items are as follows;

  • Overtuned Corgi Googles
  • Celebration Wand - Quilboar
  • Celebration Wand - Trogg
  • Tranquil Mechanical Yeti Costume

Along with a lot of items from past anniversary events. 

The big highlight from this years event is the ability to fight World Bosses from days past. Thats right, Lord Kazzak is back, along with Azuregos, and the Dragons of Nightmare. When downed, they will give you transmog gear that was removed when the Cataclysm happened. All of the World Bosses have been leveled to 120 and will drop item level 350 gear. 

The 14th anniversary event starts today, Nov 16th and runs til the end of the month. 

Have fun everybody! I plan on logging on tomorrow to get my items and kill some World Bosses! 

And as always, this is James with Game Fix. Game on everybody! 

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