Historical Cooking VR Game Lost Recipes Comes To Quest January 27

Lost Recipes, a historical cooking simulator, will release on Thursday, January 27, 2022, at the retail price of $14.99 on the Quest Platform

In Lost Recipes, players cook for ghosts from ancient Greek, Chinese, and Mayan civilizations who long to pass on the traditional recipes of their favorite dishes. In this Quest Platform exclusive, players will travel through time to recreate tasty dishes in historically-accurate kitchens, using authentic ingredients, utensils, and techniques. In-game chefs will learn the food traditions of past cultures. They will also grow their understanding of how geography and history impacted the culinary tastes of past civilizations. 

Today, Schell Games also launched a new website for Lost Recipes to showcase additional information around the game. The updated site includes a downloadable pdf featuring all of the recipes experienced within the game, so home chefs can try their hand in real life at serving up traditional dishes from Ancient Greece, Song Dynasty, China, and the Yucatan Peninsula, Maya.

“Cooking has the power to bring people together and we wanted to capture this experience for players in and outside of the Quest headset,” said Lost Recipes Project Director Melanie Harke. “Putting together a recipe book is something we knew we had to do while creating Lost Recipes, and we had fun preparing some of the dishes in real life as a team. We did have to modify the recipes because some of the actual ingredients and cooking methods aren’t available anymore.” 

Lost Recipes will be available on the Quest Platform on January 27, 2022, at the retail price of $14.99. Players can now wishlist the game on the Meta Quest coming soon page
Press release and photo/video content courtesy of Schell Games.

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