IKEA Has Fake Xbox Series X And PS5 Boxes For Furniture Measurements

If you have a hearty console collection, or are just a little frugal with available display room for your entertainment set-up and ensuring your new high-powered systems have proper ventilation, chances are there might be some difficulty with looking for a way to best optimize your space. While the Nintendo Switch dock is tiny and accommodating, things are made a little tougher with the new generation hardware. The Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 consoles have some considerable bulk to them, probably not the easiest way to showcase them.

It looks like the furniture chain IKEA has taken this itinerary issue into consideration. According to a customer that posted the image on Reddit (from user u/Afraid_Lunch4088) shows two cardboard boxes shaped roughly with the dimensions of the PS5 and Series X machines with the text "IKEA made Xbox and PlayStation sized boxes, that you can place and check if it will fit on the furniture you want to buy"

The PlayStation 5 box, sporting "Which IKEA storage unit will be able to fit my new meme-ishly oversized game console", showing they are very aware of how the PlayStation 5's design has been the subject of many memes since its reveal. While it has some considerable bulk to it, the Series X's dimensions are easier to fit around, but was also subject to facing some fun thrown at its expense for its "refrigerator" shape.

Nothing quite like having a meme aid you in orienting your hardware. Sony and Microsoft should have funded this and follow Nintendo into capitalizing off cardboard. Now, if more people could get their hands on the consoles in question...

SOURCE: Reddit

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