Introducing The New Atari...Again

After a weird pause in everything, Atari is back in full force with their upcoming "Atari Box". This time, we get a name: 

And yes, that's exactly what the Atari used to call their consoles. Video Computer Systems. 

The console will include two controllers, the modernized classic one stick controller and a dual stick controller we're all familiar with. 

It will also play retro games as well as modern PC games. 

This is all so odd. If they don't include games from all facets of gaming, from arcades to the Jaguar, then I'm not so sure the retro thing will be different than all those "classic" emulation systems out there. 

And about the "modern PC games". I know they've stated that this will be a streaming box, but after about a year the "modern PC games" won't work on something that can't be upgraded. 

I'm still excited to hear what happens and we'll delve more into this on tonight's podcast. 


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