King Of Fighters XV Teaser Trailer Announces First Official Reveal Date In 2021

The SNK fanbase has spent the last two years anticipating any details about the fifteenth entry in the King of Fighters series. Rumors and speculation circulated as the SNK brand has remained silent on its development, keeping focus on the release and roadmap of 2019's Samurai Shodown, which has seen steady success. Since the previous generation consoles' lifespans were winding down, SNK were likely waiting to see the new hardware's capabilities before starting development on a new game.

SNK plans to give a robust rollout of King of Fighters XV news, as well as information about Samurai Shodown's Season 3 collaboration The Last Blade character January 7 2021. The Last Blade is a 1998 weapons-based fighter that was seen as the spiritual successor to Samurai Shodown.

The teaser shows off the new logo and several character sketch designs for protagonist Shun Ei, the central character in this latest arc, and KOF veterans Kyo Kusanagi and Benimaru Nikaido sporting new looks.

Changes appear to be coming to how teams are structured in KOF XV. More details will follow in the beginning of the year.

King of Fighters XIV, a PlayStation 4 console exclusive, had a life of about one calendar year in the United States before the community dried up, with its last update patch in January of 2019. While the gameplay and accessibility was widely praised, poor reputation had developed due to the less than stellar 3D models from SNK's home built engine. Financial limitations prevented SNK from using Unreal Engine 4. With financial investments and global expansion paying great dividends for SNK Entertainment, King of Fighters XV has a chance to make a solid impression. Here's hoping for a dedication to strong netcode infrastructure, quality PING, and robust communication and quality assurance. 

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