King of Fighters XV Trailer For Shingo Yabuki, As Well As Season 2 Roadmap

The King Of Fighters XV season 2 gets kicked off with its newest trailer. After a lengthy absence, Shingo Yabuki makes his return as a playable character. 

Debuting in King of Fighters 97, the genuinely gentle and "goofy" Shingo was introduced to add some levity to KOF's rather darker storyline. He was brought in as a comedy foil for protagonist Kyo Kusanagi as an eager trainee who wishes one day to wield flames like his hero.

His character, in concept, is very similar to Street Fighter's Sakura Kasugano and her admiration for Ryu. It wasn't long before his popularity exploded. His last appearance as a playable character was King of Fighters 2003, mostly making a presence in portions of the series' story.

Also heading to KOF XV this year, Fatal Fury and King of Fighters veteran, the Taekwondo master Kim Kaphwan lands in Spring 2023, followed by Sylvie Paula Paula later in the summer.

Sylvie debuted in King Of Fighters XIV, she was very popular among the development staff, as a lot of unique animations were devoted to her, despite the game's limited budget. The Saudi Arabian self-proclaimed super heroine Najd, who also debuted in KOF XIV, returns Summer 2023. Najd was conceived via a fan design contest, and considering SNK is now owned by the Crown Prince, it was almost a given that she'd return. Hey, anything for good PR, I guess.

For autumn, a mystery character is advertised. Back when KOF XV launched its campaign trailer, fans invested a lot of energy guessing who silhouette may end up being. Well, there's plenty of time to speculate.

King of Fighters XV is currently available for the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and Steam.  

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