Some interesting photos were posted online recently. They are rendered fan art pics by 3D artist Aaron Walker. The artwork is by Jeremy Vitry. 

Of course it means nothing. 

But what if?!

Here's my idea.

Link would of course be melee. His primary attack would be a slash, secondary would be his shield which would not project a barrier, but instead it will draw and absorb ALL projectiles into it until damage limit reached.

One of his abilities would be a boomerang that hits everyone in view for a stun. His second ability would be a ranged shot from his sword that can ONLY be used when at full health.

What do you think? What abilities would YOU give Link if he were in Overwatch? Leave your ideas in the comments!

And what about his Ultimate? I gotta think about it but I'll let you know on Monday's podcast as well as discuss some of your choices for abilites and ults. 

Love ya!

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